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How to Extend A Mixer’s Life Cycle

How to Extend a Mixer’s Life Cycle Mixer maintenance remains easy due to the fact these products tend to be a relatively simple piece of equipment with minimal parts. Even so, foodservice operators need to follow a few simple steps to get the most out of this equipment. Please note that the list below contains general maintenance information and should not serve as a substitute for the manufacturer’s requirements and recommendations. 1. Clean mixers daily with hot, soapy water. Remove bowls and place them in the warewasher for cleaning. Foodservice…

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Food Equipment

General Equipment

  With a name you have known and trusted since 1955, General features a variety of high quality mixers, slicers, meat processing equipment, vegetable and bowl cutters, coffee, tea, heating, and cooking equipment to meet all of your needs. Food Equipment, Inc. has added General food equipment to the growing list of suppliers. General has been around a long time and makes the highest quality products. Check out their meat grinder compact design and exceptional reliability. Call Food Equipment, Inc. and get your New piece of General equipment for 45%…

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