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OEM Parts vs Generic Parts – Food Service Equipment

Most all of us in the food service equipment industry have heard of OEM parts. OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. OEM parts are produced by the manufacturer of the piece ofsliderPb equipment or sometimes by a subcontractor to make parts for them. The parts are usually distributed by the original manufacturer. Generic parts are made by 3rd party companies and are distributed by these 3rd parties. The generic parts are made using the same specifications as the original part and should be equally as good or in many cases better. Why is this? For example, a plastic piece on the original factory piece that is know to fail is replaced by a stronger version or a metal replacement on the generic.

But like many, many things out in the industrial world for consumers and industry, sometimes the OEM and generic parts are made in the same factory and only are put into different boxes. You will pay more for the OEM part and the manufacturer will recommend OEM parts (because they are the ones who usually make and profit from the OEM parts) but usually they are the exact same part.

Of course if your equipment is under warranty if you use a generic part it could void the warranty. There will be other cases that you may have to buy the OEM part, but most cases the generic part will work. It’s always good to have the OEM number to cross reference or to help exactly match up a generic part with your needs. Usually the OEM part number and the generic part number will not be the same.

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